1 5 reasons to pick Goa, if you are a history lover.

Goa is a state known to many as ‘paradise’. It is indeed a fact that cannot be denied. You could never get enough of the nightlife and beaches. The experience is thrilling. And every visit urges another. While for some it is a place for fun and frolic, it also offers a good historical experience. There are forts, museums and old monuments that take you through a nostalgic walk of its time. Every structure holds deep stories and since they are age-old, it leaves visitors in awe of its existence. 

For the travellers that enjoy history and culture, here are a few options Goa has to offer your experience:

Basilica of Bom Jesus

It is a well-known fact that Goa has some of the oldest Churches that date back to many centuries ago. India’s first basilica, Basilica of Bom Jesus, is a UNESCO world heritage. It is also known as St. Francis Xavier’s tomb because his remains lie there. This stunning baroque architecture structured in Old Goa consists of the main altar that is 54 ft. high and 30 ft. broad. The interiors are composed in a Mosiac-corinthian style. A lot of depiction of St. Xavier’s life is portrayed in paintings in the museums. It is believed that when St. Francis died on a sea voyage in 1552, his body was still fresh while being buried. His body is preserved in a silver casket in a glass coffin. Visitors are offered a look at this coffin every once in 10 years. While this gives you a true historical experience, you can always book a lovely stay at Goa. Goa has many accommodations to offer. For a suggestion, you can experience a wonderful time at the beach side resort, The Marquis Beach Resort. They sure won’t let you down! 

Chapora Fort

Goa is well known for so much more than just breeze and trees. The accommodation provided here truly feels like ‘heaven on earth’. One of the best resorts to pick for such an experience is The Marquis Beach Resort. There’s the sand and sun added with a lot of fun! Still want that historical adventure tagging along? Well, the Chapora fort is not too far. It is one of the most pleasant places to visit. The fort has offered a place of refuge to many and has many deep historical stories to share. One can come here to find comfort and beauty. Initially, the fort was built for defence purposes but is believed to have not served the purpose entirely. The fort is positioned in such a way that it gives away breathtaking view of the Chapora river and Arabian sea. 

Cabo De Rama Fort

You can never get enough. The trail to serenity seems unending when you’re in Goa. While nature promises you that, let luxury sway you away too. The Marquis Beach Resorts is one of those resorts that offer the best of both worlds – serenity and luxury. And while you’re better half still craves for that historical adventure, well.. another popular history-holding-story fort, Cabo De Rama Fort isn’t too far. This fort consists of many stories of disputes and battles. At some point in time, it was a government prison too. The route leading you inside takes you to the church of Santo Antonio, a church also paid many visits by devotees. The fort offers many a scenic view besides just a strong impactful history. It is observed that even peacocks pay a visit sometimes.  

St. Estevam Island

This is an island that is famous for churches and forts. St. Estevan is a church that is structured on a hillock. Believed to be one of the largest churches, this corinthian style built church holds deep stories of the past. You will find seven chapels in this church, which is pretty astonishing! 

St. Stephen Statue is observed to be below the four-pillared canopy. The Church contains within its vast architecture, a tremendous amount of religious value. The fort was structured in the year 1668. A flight of stairs will lead you to this magnificent monument. The 16th century was the year the Church converted to Christianity. The entire Island itself contains a lot of history. There’s still always so much more Goa has to offer besides a majical historical experience. Why not laze around calm yourself. And what better place to do it than at The Marquis Beach resort that comes with a package of more scenic views and blissful time. 

Sinquerim Fort

The Candolim beach is another very tourist loving spot and it may be so because of the brisk beaches located there. For history lovers, the beach offers an adventure at the Sinquerim Fort. Built-in 1613, the fort is an extended part of the Aguada fort and served the purpose of a defence centre and well as the shipment of vessels from Europe. Besides just history lovers, the fort is an attraction to photographers. There’s a certain type of feeling this fort offers with its spectacular viewpoints. The stories are altogether another adventure. But let that not be it because located not too far are some of Goa’s beach resorts. If you need a recommendation, The Marquis Beach Resort is one of those resorts that know  just how to let the sun set on your day. 

These are just some of the few places that offer an attached thrilling historical adventure with the monuments that testify the same. Nonetheless make no exceptions for an amazing accommodation. Let yourself loose over cocktails at some of the best nightlife restaurants and reward the rest of your time with comfort like you could only imagine at Goa’s best resorts. Go get yourself that break and let Goa take you on an escapade. Have a little bit of this and a little bit of that with everything Goa promises.