1 6 reasons to take a trip while still in college

“If only I had a dollar for every time my friends and I made a plan to go on a vacay together, which ended up in everyone ditching at the end moment!” Does this sound like something you’d say? A lot of people end up making plans to take a break from the routine but often end up backing out at the last moment. The reasons may vary starting with “let’s go later” or “let’s spend money on other stuff”, to just being held back by a fear of the unknown. Travel, however, is more than an experience. We believe that everyone should take a vacation, at least once a year. A number of studies have shown that taking time away from routine can have physical and psychological health benefits. People who take vacations have lower stress, less risk of heart disease, a better outlook on life, and more motivation to achieve goals. That being said, there’s no better time than when you’re in college to take a trip. A time when you’re young, free, and on the cusp of adulthood.

We’ve put together six reasons why we feel youngsters should take the plunge while in college, and make that trip happen.

  1. It improves mental and physical health. Stress can contribute not just to heart disease and blood pressure, but is also the main contributor to depression and anxiety, which is very common in youngsters nowadays. Feelings of calmness arise from the time taken away from work and helps to relieve stress. This, in turn, allows the body and mind to heal in ways that it couldn’t if it were still under pressure.
  2. Increased mind power. Upon returning from vacation, people are often more focused and productive. Studies have found that chronic stress can actually modulate a part of the brain that inhibits goal-directed activity, and can cause problems with memory. Time off can tune up a well-functioning brain.
  3. Improved relationships. It’s a no brainer that stress can affect not just you, but also the people around us, which may result in a strain in your relationship. Spending time and enjoying life with friends can keep relationships strong and also open a whole new perspective on life.
  4. Travel helps enhance developmental milestones. Everyone starts learning from the moment they are born. Travel helps youngsters experience a wide repertoire of sights, smells, sounds, colors, faces, and languages. Experiencing life outside the regular helps expand your knowledge and achieve higher goals.
  5. Travel helps us become adaptable and more flexible. Your late teens or early 20s are a phase where everyone should step outside their comfort zone to truly discover themselves. What better way is there to do that than traveling to discover oneself? Travel also opens us to new highs and lows, thus teaching us to properly mold ourselves in unplanned situations.
  6. Travel shows us that though we all look different, we are the same. Travel is a great opportunity to learn about diversity in the world. It teaches us that even though people may look different from the outside, or speak differently we are all the same. It also helps us make new friends from different backgrounds, and there’s no better time to do this than while you’re in college.

So if you’re a college student putting off your trip, then you should take one soon – and there’s no better place than Goa. With calm, soothing beaches, to the friendly and loving people who will surely make you feel at home, this is a place you don’t want to regret not going to. Planning a vacation to Goa? It’s time to take some time off so you can sleep better and be more productive, more relaxed, and take everything that comes your way positively. Let us know in the comments, what your plans are, and if you do come to Goa, click here to check out some things to do while here.