Adventure Sports

Although Goa is better known for its scenic beauty and its culture, the state is ideal for adventure enthusiasts and those desirous of more strenuous physical activities too. Acres of greenery and wildlife refuges, miles of waterways and the ocean and numerous beaches give you ample variety of landscapes for exploring the great outdoors and testing your limits. Leave your safety cocoon and come to Goa to get your adrenaline flowing and feel alive. Whatever gets your fancy - Be it a ride in a Harley through the serene by-lanes of Goa or river cruises. If you are the kind who likes their holidays not just relaxing but thrilling too – this is the place to come to. Hike through the wild mountains or enjoy the numerous water sports Goa has on offer. Hike, bike, hang-glide or winch down a mountain with simply your guts and a thick rope around it. In Goa, there’s no excuse not to get ‘with it’. Goa’s vast coastline dotted with numerous beaches make it the ideal place for adventure water sports. The mountains and the greens make for fabulous outdoor activities. The azure waters of the Arabian Sea lure adventure buffs with the prospect of exciting water sports ranging from windsurfing to parasailing to the tamer scuba diving. There is something for everyone. The facilities are at par with international standards and norms. Mostly, qualified instructors accompany you on these water sports (but if you are one of those daredevil kinds, you are given a free rein along with a strong word of caution).

Patnem, Agonda, Calangute, Colva, Anjuna, Vagator, Baga, Palolem, Dona Puala, Miramar and Bogmalo are all hot spots for some top level surfing. The waves can be a little tough and surfing is definitely not for the light-hearted but isn’t that exactly what you are looking for? Best to avoid the months of April to June and again September to December as the sea tends to be especially rough around this time of year.

Wind Surfing is a combination of sailing and surfing. You need a good sense of balance and synchronization to succeed at the sport. While in Goa, you must give wind surfing a try, it will definitely get your pulse racing.

The thrill of the ocean waves across your face while water skiing in Goa is something to be experienced. Abundance of beaches and serene seas in Goa serve as ideal places for tourists and skiing enthusiasts to enjoy this awesome sport. Beginners just need to be a little careful in maintaining balance. Water skiing is simple, easy and safe for those who know how to swim and balance well.

If possible; Goa looks more beautiful from above. Imagine yourself in full flight and with complete abandon - The wind plays havoc with your hair; and you floating amongst the clouds – without an engine too. The feeling is simply out of the world. Paragliding fulfils every individual’s inert wish of flying. Go for it in Goa and feel as free as a bird! Arambol and Calangute Beach are the more popular places where you can enjoy paragliding. The flying season is from September and continues till March.

Need a high in life? Soar the skies like a bird. Try out parasailing in Goa, also known as Para Ascending. If you are visiting Goa for a laid back vacation, do try parasailing at least once. Exhilarating yet fairly safe, the sport is an irresistible treat for the adventure enthusiasts. Different locations in Goa offer it at quite affordable prices. Bargaining is mandatory.

Ride the seas on a Water scooter/Personal Water craft (PWC). The power beneath you and the whizzing of water is a lure hard to resist. There are plenty of operators from where one can hire these water scooters. The shoreline across Goa is dotted with the latest equipments that are rented out to give you just the thrill you need.

River and sea cruises are a 'Must-Do' in Goa. Cruises in Goa have a charm of their own. Enjoy the magical world where you just float in a steady pace basking in the setting sun. One can go on a cruise on the River Mandovi in Goa. The cruise is managed by Goa Tourism Development Corporation. The river is flanked by lush green surroundings on both sides and if you are a keen observer or plain lucky, you can spot crocodiles and other form wildlife on the banks. River cruises include sun set cruise, sun down cruise, full moon night cruise, etc. Each has their own charm... There are also Sea Cruises, Dolphin Cruises, Sunset Cruise and Full Moon cruise to sate your appetite for cruises.

While a kayak trip may not be the first thing that comes to mind when planning your trip here, it can well become one of the most memorable. With kayak, you experience nature at its most pristine and undisturbed. You connect with nature when you feel like you are a part of it - the birds, fish, and other wildlife all seem to relax a bit… allowing you to get a little closer. The intoxicating scent of fresh air, quality time with your family/friends, or the sounds of un-touched nature are the real stress busters. Dona Paula Beach is one of the best spots for kayaking. One can paddle through stunning scenery and enjoy beautiful views of the coast line. If you would like to try something new this vacation, there are a variety of outfitters in Goa who offer everything from guided tours to training sessions and equipment rental. Plan the perfect escape for you and your family when you come to Goa. Live the Life!

Enjoy a splendid panorama of hills, sandy beaches, refreshing waterfalls, beautiful landscapes, breath taking groves of palm trees, sun kissed waterways, and waterfalls of Goa. The ideal way to experience a place is by trekking the green Sahyadri hills. There are a number of exciting trails like Mollem, Sanguem and Valpoi, Goa… The best times to haul your backpacks are the months between October and December. In order to take up some of the challenging treks, you have to be both physically and mentally fit. The hilly trek of Western Ghats provides trails as steep and difficult as the Himalayan climbs. Make sure you carry comfortable walking shoes and bottled water as they will be essential for the trek journey. Also don’t forget to carry your handy cam.

Rockfish, Stingray and Guitarfish are some of the game anglers look for in the beaches of Goa. Popular fish to bag are Salmon, Mullet, Barramundi, Snapper and Surmai, which are found in Agonda Beach. Monsoons are the best time to go fishing and one can find ample variety of species along the shore. You can hire a local guide who can take you around in a boat, making the fishing activity a memorable experience. Fishing permits are necessary and one can be easily obtained from the local Fisheries Department. Also it is best advised to fish with a local guide during the night time as fishing alone can be risky.