1 An Introduction to Goan local Beverages

Goa has always been a popular holiday destination for people all over the world. The reason for Goa’s widely known fame apart from its sandy beaches is also its beauty and culture. Due to the  Portuguese rule in the past, this region is famous for its European and Indian fusion charm. Besides the beaches, Goa also has its very own taste in terms of food and drinks, which one must definitely try during their vacay here. 

Goa is on the coastal region located in the western part of India, and so the weather can get pretty humid. In such a weather condition it becomes a necessity to keep oneself hydrated at all times. Goans love to drink after a long day at work, and the drinks of goa are what gives the real Goan feel. Here are a few of these exciting Goan beverages, which is a must-try the next time you visit Goa.

Alcoholic Goan beverages 

  • Cashew Feni – 

A local spirit with an aquatic taste, Cashew feni is something you should not miss out on when you are in Goa. Cashew came to India with Portuguese, and Feni was introduced by them in the 16th century. Although the more widely famous feni is made from the cashew fruit, the first of its kind was made from Coconut. There are many ways to drink Cashew feni but most of the Goans love to drink it neat. While Goans absolutely love this drink the majority of the tourists might choose to stay away because of its strong and overwhelming smell and distinctive after taste. The drink is also served with a lot of varieties like mixed in cocktails because it contains 43% alcohol and can get anyone tipsy in a few shots.

  • Urrak / Uraak

Urrak / Uraak is one of the tastiest drink of Goa made out of the first distillation of the cashew fruit. The only difference in Feni and Urrak, is that Urrak is obtained on the first distillation of the cashew fruit while feni is obtained on the second. These local drinks are made through traditional methods with wood and other earthenware. Unlike feni which is available throughout the year, Urrak is only available during season (Feb-May).  This is the best and only season to enjoy this drink due to the extremely hot weather these months. This drink has less potent than feni with less than 30% alcohol. As it is less alcoholic, it can be half-filled to the glass and is mostly savoured with lemonade, ice, salt, few slices of green chilli and a lime wedge. 

Taste of Non-alcoholic Goan beverages

  • Sol Kadhi

Another popular drink of Goa is called Sol Kadhi and is mostly had after heavy rice meals. The staple meal of Goa is a fish, curry, rice plate and this is with what Sol Kadhi tastes best with as an accompaniment. There are many health benefits of Sol Kadhi beside its amazing taste such as its digestive properties and fights acidity. It can also be made with coconut milk. The drink is an evergreen concoction to have especially in summer. 

Goan drinks are known for their exquisite and exotic tastes which are a blend of local preparations and staple drink around the world. so if anyone visits goa must try these drinks. cheers! Planning to visit Goa for a taste of its varieties to offer?

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