1 Experience the best of Goa during the summer season

Half past summer? Still planning a trip?

Maybe you should visit Goa this summer vacation.


But if you are thinking ‘Oh! What am I going to do in Goa? Go to the beach, swim, enjoy watersports, party, devour the delicious seafood and come back to my hotel’, pause your thoughts – Because here’s how you can you get the best of Goa during this season.


Although it’s going to be a little hot and humid and most of the shacks and beach bars may start to close during this time, Goa still has loads more to offer.

Let us list out how Goa is going to be the best place to vacation during the summer.


Economical, Super Economical!

From flight tickets to hotel bookings and delicious food to sightseeing tours, everything is much cheaper than the peak season (October – December). You will be offered discounts on most of your travel expenses – summer hotel packages, discounts on flight fares, etc. And a penny saved is… a penny you can use to party!



Shopping Extravaganza


The summer shopping experience is definitely going to drive you crazy. The markets in North Goa are all lively, colourful and all lined-up with amazing goods. Pick your favourite stuff (or pick everything!) at unbelievable prices at this time of the year.



Less crowded during the summer

Don’t follow the crowd!

A lot of tourists prefer the peak season to visit Goa and hence the summer season sees less crowd across the state. This means there is more space for you to enjoy Goa to the fullest. Few tourists, more fun, more solitude.

If you are already on a summer holiday trip, how about pinning Goa on your travel list for the next year?

Yes, because by then Marquis will open its doors again. Currently, we are under renovation as we endeavour to provide you with the best holiday experience ever.


We are preparing for your arrival next year, are you ready for a grand welcome?