1 When in Goa – Common Konkani Phrases to Know

Goans are friendly people by nature. But if you really want to win us over, hit us with some Konkani and we’re sure to be floored. As the old adage goes, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”. No matter what part of the world you find yourself in, let this be your mantra. Goans are no different; our language is matter a of pride to us, so we instantly connect with anybody who speaks it. You needn’t even worry about speaking it well, the mere effort will score you brownie points. So here’s a collection of common Konkani phrases to ease over your trip to Goa. (The phrases are also included in the Devanagari script to give a better understanding of the pronunciations)


Konkani Basics 

Let these be your Holy Grail. These are some of the most common phrases for everyday situations.


Konkani                                        English                                      Devanagari

Mhaje naav ______.                       My name is ______.                   म्हजे नाव ____.

Tujhe naav kite?                            What is your name?                           तुजे नाव कीते?

Tumi kashi asa?                                How are you?                                   तुमी कशी आसा?

Hai                                                             Yes                                                 है

Na                                                               No                                                 ना

Kaal                                                       Yesterday                                         काल

Phalya                                                    Tomorrow                                      फाल्या

Payr                                                    Day after tomorrow                          पैर

Tumi English uloytaat?                  Do you speak English?                  तुमी इंग्लीश ऊलैतात?

Aami _____ gelli.                            We had gone to _____.               आमी ____ गेल्ली.

Haav thodi Konkani ulayta.            I speak a little Konkani.               हाव थोडी कोकणी ऊलैता.

Maashe baegin hadaat.                     Please bring it fast.                      माशे बेगीन हाडात.

Maka tchad tik naka.                          I don’t want it too spicy.            माका चड तीख नाका.

Maka tchad sakhar naka.              I don’t want too much sugar.        माका चड साखर नाका.

Maka udak zai.                                     I want water.                                माका ऊदक जाय.

Jevon bare asle.                                   The food was good.                     जेवण बरे आसले.

He mhaarag asa.                                  This is expensive.                        हे म्हारग आसा.

Maaka kalna.                                          I don’t understand.                    माका कऴणा

He kitlyak dile?                                     How much is this for?                हे कितल्याक दिले?

________ kashe vachpache?          How do you go to _____?          _____ कशे वचपाचे?

Nuste kashe dile?                                How much is this fish for?           नुस्ते कशे दीले?

This should be learnt on a priority basis. Because is your Goa trip even complete if you don’t make a trip to the fish market at least once?

Kitli vara zali?                                         What is the time?                        कित्ली वरा जाली?

Dev bare karu.                                           Thank you.                                 देव बरे करु

Since we don’t have a Konkani word for thank you, this comes a close second. It literally translates to “God bless you”.


Armed with these, go forth, explore Goa, and experience it in a whole new light.