1 Tips to Enjoy the Cozy Monsoon Weather

It’s raining, close the doors, shut the windows. Oh no, the place is so stuffy! But no, no, the heavy monsoon doesn’t have to be a spoiler.  You can either choose to grumble about the rains or look for ways to enjoy the weather. If you still feel lost, these tips will help you keep a smiling face all through the rains.

Now recall the feeling of rain drops on your face, the fresh smell of a rain storm brewing, and just keep going with the thoughts that flow before you read further.


Watch A Movie Or An Interesting TV series

Go on a movie date with friends and don’t forget to grab some munchies. A box of hot cheesy nachos or sweet caramelized popcorn, is sure to do the trick. In case you can’t go to the theatre, bring the movie experience to your home. Invite some friends over, pop some act-II popcorn, dim the lights and enjoy.

To make the best out of a rainy day, select a nice movie. Horror or rom-com is best for a rainy day, don’t you agree?

Still not sold on this idea? How about simply binge watching your favourite TV series, all wrapped up in your cozy blanket?


Make Paper Boats

Are you one of those kids who used to you loved making paper boats and let them float in puddles?


What is stopping you from making one now? If you’ve forgotten how to make a paper boat, your good old friend Google will always be there to help.

Drink Tea With Pakoras

While it pours, prepare a nice hot cup of chai, Masala chai is the best variety out there. And a plate of crispy pakoras to go with it.

Take a plate of pakoras, and you’ll understand that it isn’t just another food item. 

Dreamy weather

If you have nothing to do and cannot step out of you home, simply extend your sleep. Sleep, sleep and sleep because that is all you will think of when you’re awake on a rainy day. A weather like this can make your sleep like a baby!


Eats and treats

Some people are fond of eating while others cooking. If you are dying to cook a new dish, here’s your chance. Try out new recipes and experiment.

If you hate cooking, get online and find places that deliver.


The next time it rains, you know what to do!