1 Marquis Beach Resort 2020: A Redefined Luxury Experience

New is the year, new are the aspirations, and renewed are the resolutions. Committed to being more than just rooms, we at the Marquis Beach Resort live to refine and redefine the luxury resort experience we offer our guests. What we are particularly excited about this year is that we are opening our doors to the Marquis hospitality and luxury resort lifestyle not only to our hotel guests but also to the locals. So what does the Marquis Experience look like and what exactly do we have in store for you? Here’s a quick peek into the most exciting highlights of the first month of this year. 

Rejuvenate & Reconnect by the Pool

Whether you’re a traveller staying with us at our resort or a local who just feels like taking a day to pampering yourself to a luxury resort experience in Goa, our poolside is just the right place to rejuvenate and reconnect with yourself and your loved ones. And what’s even better is that you can treat yourself to refreshing spritzers by the pool, head to one of our restaurants for a gourmet meal or just take a stroll by the beach that’s just a stone’s throw away! 

Pool at Marquis

Picture Credits: Shivani Mehra 

Kick Off Your Weekends With Our Bbq Sundowners

Speaking of sunsets, not only do we have a phenomenal view of the sunset by the beach, but we also have a sprawling lawn leading right up to it. And one of the things we love to do is welcome the weekends in grandeur, is host barbeques sundowners by the beach. Think grills, beers and the flaming red sun. Got a better way to welcome the Friday night?

Customising Your Cocktail Experience 

If cocktails are your thing, we look forward to meeting you! They say you can tell a lot about a person by the way they like their drinks. At the Marquis Beach Resort, we believe that the essence of great hospitality lies in curating experiences that speak to our guests’ diverse personalities, and we go out of our way to bring a range of cocktail classics to the table. We even go an extra hospitality mile by customising cocktails to suit our patrons’ varying preferences.

Embark With Us on a Pan-Asian Culinary Adventure

New Pan-Asian Restaurant at Marquis

Perhaps one of the things we are most excited about this month is the launch of our new gastronomical venture. This time we are going on a Pan-Asian adventure, and the chef we have in store for you has got some culinary tricks beneath that toque. 

So what are you waiting for? The new year is just beginning and we’re sure your bucket list still has a few more items to go. Stay tuned to our social media or our blog for updates. Get in touch with us for reservations. See you at Marquis Beach Resort!