1 Relax At Marquis Beach Resort And Work At The Same Time

It’s that part of the year, when you’ve booked your flight ticket, the beach is calling, but can you really bring yourself to leave your work at home?

We all have important work to do but have you considered taking a break while working? Marquis Beach Resort is the perfect place to get your work done and enjoy a holiday at the same time. Relax, chill at the beach or poolside along with some great food and beverages while working on your laptop.

Go for a swim, order for some delicious food and refreshing drinks after, plug in your laptop and relax all day.

With stress-related illness on the rise, it’s important to try and maintain a good work-life balance. We’ve had guests come over from far off places just to get away from their monotonous schedule, and get their work done, while on a holiday at the same time.

If you live nearby, it’s a better opportunity for you as Marquis Beach Resort is located in Candolim, just 30 mins away from the capital city of Panaji.

At times it is difficult to work in the same block for several hours and get your projects completed. Give it a thought and get your bags packing!

Spend a day at Marquis and experience it for yourself. Comment below and let us know if you’ve ever worked from a beach resort or are planning to.

Before you take that well-deserved break call us and we’ll set you up to work from Marquis Beach Resort. All you need to do is come experience it.