1 One Step Closer to Summer

Summer being the warmest season of the year can be the most fun season too. If you’re planning to spend your vacation here with us at Marquis Beach Resort then we have a lot in store to keep you fresh and hydrated all day long.


Freshly prepared and juices and shakes to choose from.
Healthy juices and shakes are available at the resort. Ask what you want, and we’ll make it for you from the best of tasty fruits available this season. Watermelon and Orange juice being the hit this season among the rest, you can also try out the summer cocktails and mocktails as well.

We have the latest drinks at our newly opened Bar and Grill by the Sea. Pick a drink of your choice have it prepared and relax on our beach beds, listen to the soothing sound of the waves, and watch the beautiful sun, set.


We also have a swimming pool wherein you can take a plunge and just let your stress wash away. Let the cool and calm waters keep you enthusiastic and happy during the summer.

Summer Marquis

You definitely need some good food after a tiresome swim. There’s nothing to worry about because we have the finest food just to suit your taste.

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Hoping to you see you soon! Come one come all! Marquis Beach Resort awaits you!