Goa might be the smallest state in India, but that doesn’t stop it from being one of the most crowded places in India. Mesmerizing sunsets, quaint beaches, and scrumptious food. Goa’s little beach shacks serve an array of delicious foods from all over the world. Visitors must tryout some of the local seafood dishes, here. It just has something for everyone! Goa is known for its excellent shacks. These shacks have changed the way people chill and party in Goa. These shacks are not your typical high-end restaurants but have various comforts that include deck chairs for sunbathing, pool tables and of course, a mouth-watering selection of menu items; And all these while sitting on comfy chairs, with a cool breeze around, and gazing long into the sea. To guide you around, here are the top 5 shacks that are rocking the little state.

1. Curlies Beach Shack, Anjuna

Curlies at Anjuna Beach is one of the famous beach shacks in Goa, both among foreigners and Indians, and hence a must-visit place. With a pretty happening and energised ambience, great music, chilled alcohol and decent food, Curlies is one of the most popular amongst the Anjuna beach shacks! If nothing, sit and relax with a beer in hand. It not only serves delectable food but also has a pool table, free Wi-Fi, and a soundproof nightclub at the top deck for an unforgettable experience during your visit to the city.The shack offers its guests deck chairs in which visitors can sit and sunbathe while sipping on their large glasses of Long Island Ice Tea or munching on some small, seafood fritters. The Chicken Steak and the Roast Beef are quite popular here. Curlies also serves a range of cool alcoholic beverages at reasonable prices, perfect to tackle the summer heat. Dining outdoors with the blissful sea breeze and enchanting sunset views, here, is truly a one-of-a-kind experience.

2. Calamari Beach Shack, Candolim

The best plan for a vacation is to enjoy the amazing water sports and then binge on delicacies. If you believe in this philosophy, then the Calamari Beach Shack in Candolim is just for you. The tagline is Bathe & Binge and you should follow the same. Take a dip in the sea, and fall in love on the aroma of extravagant dishes offered here. In addition to the delicious platters, Calamari’s live music is a total entertainment deal. Add to it a glorious sunset cruise in Goa, and you’re are in heaven. Moreover, all other tourist-y pleasures are close by. You can bathe and eat at this beach shack, or just amble across after a walk on the beach. Either way, you get the most delectable seafood waiting to be relished. Spicy, delicious, and cooked in the traditional Goan way, the food portions are enough to satiate your hunger. There are cool cocktails and some live music too!! Located on this same stretch is the Marquis Beach Resort, known for its luxury stay and beautiful surroundings. So visit the Calamari Beach shack for some scrumptious food and then crash at Marquis Beach Resort, for the perfect ending to a perfect day!

3. Shiva Valley

Shiva Valley is situated right next to Anjuna beach. It is the perfect place for people who have a fascination for neon lights and loud bass-thumping music. This iconic beach shack in Goa offers great drinks owing to its wonderful bar and alcohol can be pretty cheap here. It hosts parties almost every night and turns into a cafe in the morning. The place also serves great finger food and filling dishes alike. The lights stretch to a distance and most people fall in love with the place so much that leaving the next morning gets tough. The place, with its discotheque ambience, cool cocktails, and a delicious multi-cuisine menu is a big draw for tourists and locals.

4. La Plage, Ashwem

If you’re around in the Ashwem area, you’ll hear about this place. LaPlage takes beach shacks in Goa to a whole new level. This amazing shack offers delicious food while giving a European feel to it. They’re famously known for its grilled chicken in chocolate sauce. A great way to end to your day would be to simply watch as the sun sets in the horizon and enjoy the beautiful view. The soft sand and the sound of the waves will never leave you while you enjoy one of their delicious desserts or the seafood delicacies. Additionally, the beach shack is the venue of excitements, entertainment and events. The dark hours have a thrilling selection of nightlife.   

5. Ryan’s Shack

Known for its amazing seafood and cane furniture set up, this place has a very organic and low-key vibe to it.  Just a short walk away from the busier parts of Candolim Beach, Ryan’s Shack is a perfect go-to place for those looking to enjoy some delicious Seafood or some very tasty North Indian or Chinese dishes. Counted amongst one of the most wonderful shacks in Goa, Ryan’s Shack has an indoor and outdoor setting both and at night it can charm you like no other. The shack is also famous for its beach huts in Goa where the sound of the bustling multi-lingual crowds, the gushing waves and tides, and the soft music can rejuvenate one like no other. The restaurant is right on the beach, so visitors can relax on the large cane chairs and watch the gentle waves brush against the deep, golden sands. 

At an approximately equal distance to each of these famous shacks is the Marquis Beach Resort, conceived for those who believe in living life to the fullest. 

So, the next time you are in the area, visiting these shacks in Goa should definitely be a part of your list, while you can sort your stay at Marquis, with the various offers they have going on.