1 8 Goan delicacies you have to try!

Because we don’t want you to look back and think, “I should have eaten that!”, we’ve put together a list of Goan delicacies you absolutely must try on your trip here.


1) Masala Rava Fried Fish

Nobody does fried fish quite like Goans and we’re saying this from experience. Chonak (giant sea perch), kingfish, bombay duck, mussels and mackerel taste delectable when fried up nice and crispy.


2) Shark Ambot Tik

It might sound a little freaky given that the core ingredient is shark, but rest assured. This is a tangy and spicy curry that’ll almost certainly be found at the dining table of every Goan household.


3) Caldeirada

In what will come as a real shocker, we’re here to tell you that Goans like their fish. Scratch that, they love their fish. You might see a fish without a Goan but you’ll never see a Goan without a fish. You get the point. Caldeirada is one such tribute to this obsessive love; showing influences of the Portuguese cuisine, caldeirada is a fish stew with several varieties of seafood in it.


4) Pork Vindaloo

Chilly, spice and everything nice make up this dish that’s an absolute explosion of flavours. It also has vinegar as one of its ingredients, a core component of most Goan Portuguese dishes.


5) Bebinca

A 16 layered Goan cake made from plain flour, it is anything but plain.


6) Perad

If you thought Goa was all about seafood, think again. We also have some delicious sweets. The perad, which is essentially a guava jam or paste, is one of them.


7) Chicken Cafreal

The fact that our mouths start watering at the mere mention of this dish is proof that you need to try it right now! Chicken legs are usually favoured for this dish and they’re coated with a wonderfully aromatic spicy, green paste.


8) Fish Recheado

Spicy, tangy and slightly sweet, these are all the reasons you need to try the fish recheado. Recheado means stuffed in Portuguese, and what happens here is that the recheado paste is stuffed into a fish and fried.