1 The Ultimate Beach Wedding Guide

Planning on taking your vows on a sandy spot? These are some of the best beach wedding tips that will assure an unforgettable wedding bash.

Beach weddings are perfect, there’s nothing more romantic than the sound of the waves crashing, the sultry, salt-tinged air and the sand between your toes. To make sure everything goes smoothly, without a hitch, follow the listicle highlighted in this beach wedding guide.

1) Time it right

Weather is an important factor when planning beach weddings. Check what the weather will be like, and inform your guests about it. If you are planning a wedding during the summer, remember, afternoon heat can be brutal at many seaside locations. You may think that you’re okay standing there glistening in the sunlight, but don’t forget to give a thought to all the guests who will be attending your ceremony. High temperatures are not for everyone, especially older folks and young kids.


2) Build a castle of memories

The first thing to do is find the right shutterbug – one who has shot beach weddings before. Scan through all his previous work for reference. Photographers who are not experienced with beach photography may not be familiar with proper lighting techniques.

Take complete advantage of the serene beach surroundings, crashing waves, sunset backdrops and create great candids. Follow the photographer’s directions, he is the one who knows the perfect shots, but you can always prepare a list of must-have shots.

So, be ready to loosen up, kick the sand, turn a cartwheel, or simply stroll hand-in-hand. You are surely going to build a castle of memories here!


3) Ditch the traditional wedding gown

Beach weddings call for a light-weight attire as heavy gowns will weigh you down and also make you feel hot and sweaty. Hence, beach brides usually prefer changing into something more comfortable and beach friendly after the church ceremony.
Grooms often sport linen suits, but if it’s really uncomfortable and hot, they can forgo the jacket and wear something they are more comfortable in. And ladies, we think nothing says beach wedding better like a simple white sundress blowing in the breeze.


4) Set the mood with good food

Let the buffet incorporate foods and customs of the area. Also, make a quick note here – when selecting the menu, consider the temperature. There are some food items that will go bad in the heat.


5) Backup plan is a must

The last thing you would want to do is scrap your wedding fun because sometimes mother nature is unpredictable. Keeping such unforeseen scenarios in mind, it is always a good idea to consider planning your wedding at a beach resort.


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We’ll make sure your big day on the beach is as beautiful as you’ve pictured it to be.