1 Yazu: Bringing You the Best Pan-Asian Restaurant in Goa

New years call for new adventures, and we’ve been excited about this one since the beginning of 2020. Aficionados of unique luxury experiences that are out of the ordinary, we are adding a dash of new flavours to the Marquis Beach Resort experience.


Yazu, best Pan-Asian restaurant in Goa at Marquis Beach Resort


By bringing you Yazu, our Pan-Asian restaurant in Goa hailing all the way from Mumbai, our aim is to indulge the foodies and culinary enthusiasts on the lookout for an out-of-the-ordinary gastronomical experience. Traditionally Asian at heart but globally experimentative in spirit, the Yazu menu seeks to amaze and delight your palate.

Curating Extraordinary Culinary Experiences

Going beyond the goal of bringing the exotic flavours of Asia to Goa, creating original experiences is the essence of this venture, and Yazu’s head chef has a bunch of culinary tricks under his toque. 


Head Chef at Yazu, Pan Asian Restaurant in Goa


When we say original, we’re talking about charcoal baos and black rice sushi kind of out-of-the-box. 

The essence of the culinary experience Yazu has to offer is mainly Japanese, Chinese and Thai. But to add a little more flair to your plate, what makes us the best Pan-Asian restaurant in Goa, is that our menu doesn’t shy from being experimental and having fun, and so you can expect a touch of inspiration from other world cuisines. 


Sushi at Yazu, the best Pan-Asian restaurant in Goa


Just to give you a little preview of what we mean, imagine the hot Madras Chilli adding boldness to your Spicy Lotus Root Crisps, or a Mexican-inspired Guacamole salsa that will surprise your palate as it complements your sushi. And round that off with some Nikkei-inspired churros or Japanese Matcha Green gelato! 

Yazu Signature Cocktails 

Speaking of complementing your food, a culinary journey, especially one to the Orient, is most certainly incomplete without the right accompaniments that accentuate the flavours of every bite. From aromatic teas and classic Sake to a wide array of cocktails boasting an Asian twist, your palate is in for an adventure. 


Cocktails at Yazu, Marquis Beach Resort


If you’re still not convinced that this is the best Pan-Asian restaurant in Goa, here’s another sneak peek – at Yazu, you can have your Martini with a hint of Wasabi, your Mojito spiced the Thai way, and if you’re feeling particularly daring, we’ve even got some Bhut-spiced Mule for you! 

Sushi by the Sea

Last but not least, if you’re wondering what the cherry on the cake (or, should we say, salmon roe on sushi?) of this fine-dining experience is, well, at Yazu, you can have your sushi with a grand view. Located right by the sea, you’re in for a truly hedonistic treat here at Yazu, where you can indulge all your senses. 

Asian food by the sea, marquis beach resort


So, what are you waiting for? Head on down to Yazu Goa, the best Pan-Asian restaurant in Goa, for an experience of a life-time. Get in touch with us for reservations.